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Chronological History – Paul Cox Horticulturen Enterprise

85 years of successful performance…


Foundation of the company by Gerhard and Maria Cox. Cultivation and production of vegetables and cut flowers


Johannes Cox and his wife Annemie take over. Re-orientation of the production line with focus now on potted plants and Azerca products.


Handover of the company into the hands of the third generation, Paul and Petra Cox. Product line is further expanded and adapted towards cultivation of new potted plants i.e Helleborus, Summer-potted perennials and early spring crops.


The fourth generation is stepping in and takes over, Kristina Cox and her husband Marc Peters.

Why Paul Cox?

We value our customers and our employees. While still always striving for the best possible product, we put emphasis on sustained production processes together with an environmental gentle resource management.

Our Employees


  • Respected and decent relationship within the team at an equal level
  • Long lasting close and trusted relationships with the internal and external (seasonal workers) workforce
  • Over and above tariff payments as well as selected over an above social tariff benefits
  • Support and provisions for the establishment of pension savings of our employees
  • Certified Social Management through Global GAP GRASP Module

Our Customers


  • Customer oriented product line
  • Long lasting, trusted customers relationships
  • Perfect price-perfomance ratio
  • Certified excellent standard of horticultural conduct of  business (Global GAP GRASP Module).

Our Investments and Conduct of Business


  • Regular investments into ergonomical improvements of workplace conditions
  • Continuous improvement of logistical processes
  • Employment of technical innovations in order to continuously improve the utilization of human and infrastructural resources
  • Long lasting continuous progress takes priority over short perspective gains

Our Team

Get to know our team

Jens Willemsen

Commercial Clerk
Employed since 2023
T +49 2832 4341-16
M +49 173 293 9699

Responsible for daily sales, day-to-day business, logistics and is therefore the first point of contact for our customers.

Werner Polfers

Commercial Master Gardener
Employed since 2019
T +49 2832 4341-18
M +49 173 6274233

Responsible for young plant management, certification and occupational safety.

Marc Peters

Owner and Managing Director
Employed since 2018
T +49 2832 4341-50
M +49 176 20900829

Responsible for strategic sales and, building on this, for production planning and product range design.

Paul Cox

Master Gardener
Owner since 1992
T +49 2832 43410
M +49 1729079419

Responsible for the strategic orientation of the company and takes care of the coordination of work processes in the area of ​​production and goods preparation in day-to-day business.

Jan Beulen

Master Gardener
Employed since 2017
T +49 2832 43410
M +49 152 07569687

 As operations manager, he is responsible for work and personnel organization, plant strengthening and technical control and is our training manager.

Heinz Hoffmanns

Senior Gardener Assistant
Employed since 1985 
T +49 2832 43410
M +49 172 2079774

As operations manager, he is responsible for the technical systems and devices, as well as work organization and space management.

Britta Magoley

Master Gardener
Employed since 2022

T +49 2832 43410
M +49 1736995919


As farm manager, she is responsible for crop management with a focus on irrigation, plant nutrition and coordination of work processes in the area of production.

Adele Rossmann

Commercial Clerk
Employed since 1999
T +49 2832 4341-51
M +49 172 2079781

Responsible for daily sales, day-to-day business, logistics and is therefore the first point of contact for our customers.

Valeria Vreden

Horticultural Engineer
Employed since 2017
T +49 2832 43410
M +49 179 440 8198


Plant and crop management team with a focus on biological plant protection with beneficial insects.

Hans-Peter Janssen

Senior Gardener Assistant
Employed since 1981
T +49 2832 43410
M +49 172 7189102

Responsible for goods preparation and organization of packing orders.

Petra Verrieth

Gardener Assistant
Employed since 1989
T +49 2832 43410

Responsible for the cultural management of the branch offices.

Kristina Cox-Peters

Owner and Managing Director
Employed since 2008
T +49 2832 4341-20
M +49 173 2078427

Previously responsible for sales and day-to-day business, she is now in charge of human resources and the contact person for employees and customers.

Alwine Keysers

Commercial Clerk
Management since 2021
T +49 2832 4341-17
M +49 173 3128505

Responsible for the areas of quotations, customer care, sales support and management assistance

Petra Cox

Senior Gardener Assistant
Management since 1992
T +49 2832 4341-12

Responsible for financial accounting.


How to find us

Paul Cox GmbH/ Cox-Peters GbR
Jülicher Weg 63
47608 Geldern

opening hours

Monday - Thursday
08:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00

08:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00
02832 43410

E-Mail general info@paul-cox.de

E-Mail Sales verkauf@paul-cox.de