One of our driving principles – sustainability

Business process priorities are governed by an integrated and sustained code of conduct.


We are pioneers in employing the alternative – no plastic – planting pott – PottBurri

Resource efficient production process

Reduction of the peat content in the growing medium. For us, 50% peat replacement is standard. By participating in the TerZ project, the aim is to achieve a further more drastic, but sustainably sensible reduction in the peat content. The next step of 70% peat replacement has been achieved for the first crops.

Biological Plant Protection

We use beneficials to fight and control animal pests attacking our plants and cultures.

Natural plant-strengtheners and microorganisms

Emphasis is being put into naturally (i.e. microorganisms) strengthen our plants in order to reduce and to minimize the need for chemicals in our production process.


We use directed irrigation with ebb and flow systems in protected cultivation and run a partially closed system with the reuse of surplus water in the open field.


Our greenhouses are designed towards energy efficient utilization of heat and temperature sources, perfectly controlled to support an optimized individual plant growth.

Certification by Global Gap + Grasp

GRASP complements GLOBALG.A.P. Certification with questions about the working conditions on the certified company. This can be done as part of the GLOBALG.A.P. Audits are queried.


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